The Daylight Express

by tobias hengeveld

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released July 1, 2014

Tobias Hengeveld - Vocals & Guitars
Andy Papadopoulos - Bass
Ashley Davies - Drums
Steve Hesketh - Hammond & Piano
Susanna Scurry - Vocals, track 5
Rosiland Jones - Horns, track 6
Nara Demason, Renato VaCirca, Dan Witten - Man Choir, track 6
Justin Marshall - Vibes, track 10, Hammond, track 7

Produced / Engineered & Mixed by Robbie Rowlands
Mastered by Andy Stewart at The Mill

All songs copyright Tobias Hengeveld, 2014

Artwork by Tobias Hengeveld


all rights reserved



tobias hengeveld Melbourne, Australia

Tobias Hengeveld writes melodically vivid songs, riddled with unexpected angular pop-hooks. His distinctively sylvan voice tells personal experiences with wry lyrical candor.

The Daylight Express was nominated for an Age Music Victoria Award in 2014.

Due in April 2019, NAUGHTS & ONES is a triumphant mirror-maze of jubilant pop tunes set in a hinterland of darker rock ballads.
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Track Name: Fools Rush In
All our jokes got thrown to the head-winds at dawn
And the tail-lights of evening look angry and worn
With the pressure of blood through the vessels we pass
I’ll be mad as an ember for as long as it lasts

All the old TVs by the sides of the road
Could they still bring us feed of how it once was?
When that dead stare just said “we’ve not changed one bit,
But you have, oh you have and that is just it.”

Feed me power, I’ll purr and moan
My fans still spin
My lights will flicker
My valves start to glow
And before you know it the fools rush in

Fools Rush In

A white plastic bag afloat on the wind
On a six-lane hi-way, you still don’t get hit
When you’re out to dance with the cars and the trucks
You are one part abandon to an equal part luck

But I just decided to get the hell clear
Make for the hills
Your wake it’s so wide and you take what you will
But I still wish you well
When the fools rush in
Track Name: Impatient Walk
Wherever you end up, I will not be shaken
Not gonna lose your scent
Even for a second
I’d heard you’d broken up
They said you’d broken down

Another party
You cannot move and sure has hell can’t leave
And being there is somehow like anywhere at all
I’m dressed to the eights, dressed to the nines
You think the tens are other men

All the moths to light and the hounds at bay
Wait for land to slide, every shot that strays
In a life too short there are nights too long
An impatient walk turns into a run

The chosen chanters start changing colour and turning white
But you won’t notice a thing, so blinded by the footlights
The circling sharks and cars have kamikaze dreams for you
You will them to, in all you
But that’s about to change
You can’t stem the flood
Now I’m out for blood

All the moths to light and the hounds at bay
Wait for land to slide, every shot that strays
In a life too short there are nights too long
An impatient walk turns into a run

There is one straight line in a world this bent
To stay water-tight when the night gets loose
All the shots are fired and the dudes are spent
Then the big game starts as the small one ends.
Track Name: Sweetness
your hairpin trails lead me nowhere
sites where you once took a pause
something I hid from you years ago
found between the wall and the bed

your dresses just hang lifeless and flat
triggers to this and that day
your dresses like time concertina behind
and it seems like no time’s been at all

but the shoes that you left have gone mad
screaming out for the sweetness we had
once was a time when I cared for you and your smoldering stares
for you and your smoldering stares

fire in the hole, all the way down
rattles the dirt from the roots
poke a stick in the hive
are we still going live?
Or is this chain of hearts on a loop?

All the dust-balls and plastic flower heads
Ask after the sweetness we had
You and your lily-white hands
All of the sweetness we had

If the bees and the birds all flew back
Would you tell our winged friends to go hang?
Above the sweetness we had
Track Name: The Daylight Express
the Daylight Express going interstate
it rattles past our back gate
when the driver blows the whistle and the fireman waves
then so do all the passengers heading far from here

no sign of light, jubilation
from the Club Car, all the people ‘going places’
in my line of sight they can’t have gone a hundred paces
before they’re not a tiny spot vanished from the world
a rumbling rail still hot to touch
a tale about a girl

Our Katherine owned a temper like her name-sake
The firecracker always spinning off its nail
She grew bigger until no-one could extinguish her
She tore through town like wildfire for all the world to see
I walked her to the platform, she wouldn’t look at me
But I sure had to look when the Daylight came
And took her
It took her
Track Name: Down Swingin'
Are we going down swingin’?
A slim perch this is
Hang on, hang on
They soon all will be gone
All gone, all gone

Going down
Some water-logged cloud
Has no way of breaking
Comes in screaming
Hurling furniture
Oh yeah, Oh no

Going down swingin’
The tenter-hooks we’re on
Swing to, swing low
Don’t ever let me go
Until we’re finally drawn and quartered
How slow you dance
Who has the leading hand?
The caller and the band won’t stop playing
The room is swaying
We’re going down swingin’

Through the pouring rain
The yellow bird came
Whistling “La-di-di you’re the only one for me”

We’re going down swingin’

Swing to swing round
All the lights of Tinsel Town
Slow-fade and are so fast forgotten
Oh yeah, oh no
We’re going down swingin’
Track Name: Cypress Pine
If I had to work with one thing all the time
I would choose the wood of Cypress Pine
I would wear that dust just like some fine cologne
That tells the ladies of all the fine work I’ve done

Fellas at the yard, none can disagree
Fresh-cut Cypress Pine is a lifetime guarantee

Cypress Pine

When I was a boy, done with running round
I’d cut through the fences to where the rail line cut the ground
In that line of trees I would lose the hours
Pelting ballast rock at passing railroad cars

If I get to leave just one thought in your mind
Let it be a stand of Cypress Pine

Cypress Pine

With the dark and the twisted is where I’ll always be
Down that shady path some day you’ll come to me

Cypress Pine
Track Name: Throw My Rifle From the Train
This train is charging out the dark
Whistling and blowing like a dog has to bark
How’s every man still wearing the green?
I’ll polish my new shoes and I’ll shave in their sheen

There’ll be banners, children and cheers
As a brass band plays victory refrains
Gonna straighten up my new tie
And throw my rifle from the train

In the jungle, a terrifying song
Like surgical scissors snipping all the night long
I got used to the warfare but what kind of bird
Sings you it’s nightmare then severs your nerve?

When the boys start scrambling to see
With a joy that few hearts can contain
Feel the starch stiff at my collar as
I throw my rifle from the train

When all the wheels squeal in a shower of sparks
And the bells peel in a deluge of names
You won’t fine a crease on my new fleece
I’ll throw my rifle from the train
Track Name: Old Guitars
what’s eating, eating you?
After all that has gone on
I still aint got, still aint got a song
That rips the cap off with its teeth

And you know with old guitars
They don’t have the pride
Good enough gets left alone
And they get left aside
To the clapping of a screen door

What I quite old house you are
Poised upon the far
Too early, far too late
The walls and floor they ache
A finger shifts its weight and you’re in for the haul
Avalanches roar, start showing you the chords
Tap tapping on your lid
Tapping on your lid

And the thing about old guitars
If you sing for them alone
Right down into that hole
Back at you they sing
And tell you simple things that ring like home truths
But if home should ring
Just tell them I’ve shot-through
Tell them I’m not in
Tell them I’m not in
Track Name: Dry Sea Grave
My uncle steven
I never knew him
He’s rarely spoke of these days
There’s just a story
Way back one harvest
Of his disappearance and his dry sea grave

No-one saw him leaving the farmhouse that day
Not till late was he noticed gone
Was he as far as the crumbling mine-shafts?
Or could he be snake-bit in the Diamond Creek?

The rallied parties
The calls and searchlights
Grandmothers pale face at the hard sunrise
Could it be kidnap?
Could it be murder?
How could one do that?
he was just a kid!

when the trains came to drain the silos
there was a hold-up on carriage three
his tiny body blocking the grain chute
that put an end to all the mystery

My uncle steven
I never knew him
He’s rarely spoke of these days
There’s just a story
Way back one harvest
Of his disappearance and his dry sea grave
Track Name: Open Window
One thing to say to a sky turning red
the close of the day
how can I get you close?
There’s love like water
Coming off and on
Love like running water
Running off and on a little often

A bushfire wind
A sun to bed in a rage
As the bats begin the evening raid
Through the open window
I’m listening to the score on a day

It’s not hard to go missing
You foil my guard
I’m busy now b-line it
Out through the yard
On love so buoyant enough to ride
Love so flamboyant if could have been hot-wired
And where it’s been I won’t even ask

We’re flush
On currency dirty to touch
Like a watch lifted off a dead man’s wrist
This shrapnel’s hot and coming at me
Through a mist
I feel it

Now every damn morning
You showing up on my mind
Every damn evening
you’re sure enough on my mind
that love like water coming off and on
love like running water
won’t you come on home a little often?

The treetops stir
A chorus as big as Ben Hur
All the tiny birds prepared for flite
And through the open window
I’m listening to the score on a night
Track Name: Alabaster
Could have sworn it wasn’t far…
Not as the crow might fly
I grip the wheel so tight
Knuckles turning alabaster white

Oh man..

There between your overload
And the drumming of the road
The humming radio plays a song I thought I knew

There’s a line in there, it’s still unclear
Do you hear the same?
Is he saying “beguile the weary driver”?

I’m nothing but a fool
A foot so full of lead
An alabaster bust, just dumbly stares ahead

Oh man…

Out your side of the car
We know it’s getting late
The sunlight through the trees
You’re caught in Super8

Broken lines riding us
Into dark
The world gone still and we’re spinning apart
Or is he saying “it tires the weary driver”
You’re just tired, yeah you’re just tired

Hush you little noise
Little tune inside my head
When you’re all done and sung
You’ve told me little else
That line you said, I’m doing my best
to not hear the same
so is he saying “goodbye the weary driver”?

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