All The Lines Are Down

by tobias hengeveld

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Recorded at WinterHill through 2008.


released May 1, 2009

Tobias Hengeveld - Guitars, Vocals
Andy Papadopoulos - Double Bass
Barry Turnbull - Electric guitar, Pedal Steel
Kate Connor - Violin
Anita Quayle - Cello
Renato VaCirca - Drums
Steven Briggs - Piano, keys
Andrew Bencina - Man Choir, Synths


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tobias hengeveld Melbourne, Australia

Tobias Hengeveld writes melodically vivid songs, riddled with unexpected angular pop-hooks. His distinctively sylvan voice tells personal experiences with wry lyrical candor.

The Daylight Express was nominated for an Age Music Victoria Award in 2014.

Due in April 2019, NAUGHTS & ONES is a triumphant mirror-maze of jubilant pop tunes set in a hinterland of darker rock ballads.
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Track Name: Giant Red Wave
In my gondwanean garden
There’s a low path and a high trail
The former leads you onto a glacier
The latter a mountain of shale
In my gondwanean garden
The plant life has travelled at length
Scaled like armadillos
They cluster in the dry river beds

Pacing the shores
Of the sea of the dead
I’m awaiting a giant red wave

In my gondwanean garden
We partake in stiff drinks at dusk
Spread out on the tundra like colonists
Toasting the epoch of rust
Toasting to our health and drinking
With an oblivion haunted thirst
Track Name: make a noise
If I was a small hawk
I'd sit upon a wire
and wait for you to arrive
then I'd hover there above you
flapping like mad to hold still
there I would have you pinned
dive in on in for the kill

I want to woo your heart
make a noise
I'm gonna rule your heart

but I'm just a half-wit town boy
and I don't know where you are
all I've got is white lines into darkness
the terror of those night trucks
the punch of wind and glare
springs up a Roo in the headlights
as if I'd even care
waist-high grass on the roadside
on the backs of highway sings
anywhere you might spot it Kelly-Anne
will you will you will you

I want to woo your heart
make a noise
I'm gonna rule your heart
make a noise
Track Name: Come About
I want to hear horns
A smooth flurry of brass
With my guts all choked up in my throat
I can’t fix your image fast
And the further away I get
Just a sun-gilded silhouette
And whatever you have with him
I’m going to have to steal you

I’m the only horse you’d ever back
To clear the gates and run the other way
These fine wires always come attached
Running back to a dynamite bouquet
Tonight, what you have with him
Is riding rough-shod through my brain
You’re at the bottom of this bottle baby
I swear

When all the lines are down
Won’t you come around
Now the lights are out
Won’t you come about

I wake in a tangle of sheets
Head in hands under the rising steam
The bats are back upside down
And the wild dogs are sleeping underground

I want to hear horns
All clear from the blast
You’re a bend in this river baby
A tiny spark caught in a jar
Whatever you have with him
I’m going to have to steal you
And conceal you from the light of day
If it’s the only time you’ll light my way

When all the lines are down
Won’t you come around
Now the lights are out
Won’t you come about
Track Name: Thunderbolt's
We piled seven in the cabin
And two youngens in the boot
Straight past the duty car
At the public bar
That old copper’s probably half-tanked too

Between towns edge and the lookout
Shane was driving at hells clip
We’re all screaming out
Passing bottles round
As if the windscreen was some horror flick
Then the headlights illuminated
That old graffitttied pile of boulders

Crunching gravel in the car park
Leave the stereo right up
Pissed and fooling round
Smashing bottles down
I saw my opening and grabbed her hand

What if thunderbolt could have seen us here
Layed out on his rock fumbling at our jeans

Yeah we did it like you do at that age
Then sat up and shared a cigarette and she asked
Hows the work so far at the abottoir
Hell you can talk you haven’t left school yet

And these passing rigs they screech and rumble
And they don’t sound nothing like a thoroughbred
When its crossing open ground
The traps from miles around
Have come to do you in
Just how it had to end
And from this vantage point
His future full moon clear
What if thunderbolt
Could have seen us here
Track Name: Sawdust
you’re light snowfall on everything
Feather sweet and dry
how you used to lie here
In the cup of my hands
All that has been and what’s left
You’re sneaking your way in on my breath
And I’ll hold that memory in

as I’m sweeping you up into piles
Thinking about the miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
of intervening ground
That stripped us from branch and from spine
How the wind used to sing through the pines
And as a shadow,
I’d just collect myself there

Upwardly climb
Beyond your timber-line
Oh those dizzying heights

now you’ve gone and come apart
No amount of blood, sweat, spit and pissing tears
Can make you wood again
Or deliver you back to good again
How the drought, then the mice, then the men
Simply bored and riddled through you
And ate you clean of your core

But if I could rewind, you still might be mine
Oh that glistening heart

If you don't mind, I'd be honoured
to come apart like sawdust
are you comfortable, coz it's upon us
to come apart like sawdust
Track Name: On the Night You Were Born
Well on the night you were born
Your mother barefoot and padding across the floor
To a radio’s static hum
And the smell of dinner enveloping the warm hair

She was young
Much younger than you are now
And you were ready so I suppose she just had to be
Just had to be
In the local hospital
Where the pickled matrons start chanting her through the drill

And on the night you were born
Your dad had car trouble on a roa-side coming into town
Took some time to get the word
And he makes the bedside with a lightning nerve in his eye

He was young
Much younger than you are now
His stomach knotting for the pain that’s screwing up her pretty face
her pretty face
And he just can’t bare to watch
So he takes to pacing fast laps around the block

It’s a warm still night in town
The scent of the pepper trees
The distant bark of dogs
The street lamps are alive in clouds of bugs
And a window in the building shone brighter than the rest

On the night you were born

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